Sparky Linux GameOver Edition 4.3

Sparky Linux GameOver Edition 4.3

Just installed this distro of linux and so far so good. If you’re just into games and want a simple distro, this is it. It uses the Debian package manager and its own repository. Most of the apps are updated quite frequently because on first install, had about 790MB of updates. Steam and PlayOn Linux is pre-installed as well as a host of the usual Linux games. Emulators can be easily downloaded for a wide range of gaming consoles. I had an issue with the Sparky Installer, but killing the process “gksudo sparky installer” seemed to get it by without a hitch and was able to find my other two OS’s (Windows 7 and Kali). I didn’t install GPT/UEFI and went straight for MBR Install.

Default Desktop Environment is LXDE but you can install whatever DE you like. With LXDE, memory usage was about 400MB on boot up however CPU usage is a bit high for my taste ( 0.20 5sec ). But so far, I’m lliking this distro a lot. It’s very clean and minus the install bug, it seems this is going to be a very mature distro that caters to Linux Gamers or people that just want a little extra power out of their old machine as they are still making 32-bit distros PAE which will favor very old machines.

I’ll make another post about this later after I get used to this

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