PC Keyboards for Smokers

PC Keyboards for Smokers

If you’re like me that smoke at your computer, you know about going through keyboards like socks or worse. So, I’m going to give a list with Amazon links of keyboards I’ve tried personally and if they are good (or bad) for smokers.

Amazon Basic Keyboard: Absolutely the worst on this list. Keys are recessed, ashes can get into these crevasses and you have to take it apart to do cleaning, however, after cleaning, it works pretty well. add some lube around every key for better keystrokes.

ChonChow Model 1910b: Very cheap feeling keyboard, Says “Mechanical Feel” but not mechanical at all. Keys are easily cleanable, the keyboard is still working after 3 years and I’ve never cleaned it. I blow the ashes out and back in business. You probably need to lube the keys as they are getting harder to push down after all these years but not bad for a cheap keyboard brand.

CyborHSoldier Airfox GMK-II: I like this keyboard. If I hadn’t spilled coffee on it 3-4 times, it would still be going. It still works but there are some problem keys that I may tackle a switch repair on at a later date.

Please in the comments, if you are a smoker, share your thoughts on keyboards you’ve personally owned.

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