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My take on Facebook

My take on Facebook

I’ve had issues with Facebook for many years but recently I’ve been having multiple issues with how Facebook is ingrained on our society. I am but one person so a change against the Juggernaut would be senseless. So why am I writing this? Because this is just another notch in the belt for Facebook. Another negative review of just how powerful Facebook is and how our privacy and freedom of speech are becoming obsolete. A sort of.. How can I say this.. way to pull the world together and mold everyone into a cookie cutter society. Possibly a step to a one world order perhaps, maybe not but it would be fair to say that it is a stepping stone to something more sinister in the future.

I know a few people that have never had a Facebook account and it always intrigued me how they can resist the temptation. It takes a certain someone to never have had a Facebook account. Some people may say that they are Anti-social, but from my personal experience I find it quite the opposite. Facebook is a slow moving plague that normalizes our behaviors without us even realizing it. It forces a world view on us by policing what we do and say on their network. It is our choice whether we are on Facebook or not and it seems if we choose not to be on Facebook anymore, we are always commented on… “You’ll be back”, like a heroin addict telling another heroin addict that’s wanting to stop. Facebook is an addiction that we don’t even realize and again, so ingrained in our society that it is considered Anti-Social behavior if you don’t have an account.

Oh, but there’s Google+, no one uses Google+ and no one ever will. You’ll say you’ll be off Facebook but eventually you will be back, jabbing that needle in your arm just to get your social fix. The problem here is that you are choosing to let Facebook police you and your freedoms. You are choosing to jab that needle in your arm because you feel you have a need. There are people that say, “Well, I don’t get on Facebook, I just use Messenger to keep in touch with my friends.”. You are still contributing to the problem. There are many Instant messaging apps that do the same job. The problem is getting all your friends to use just one or two and getting your friends to load an app is like pulling teeth “That’s ANOTHER app I have to load and watch”. If they’re your friends, they’ll follow. If they’re not your friends, they won’t. I’m being harsh with this only because I’m not going to comfortably lie to you, and I don’t know about you but I don’t like being lied to.

Facebook is a Juggernaut… It can’t be stopped nor will it ever be stopped. However, we have a choice whether we wish to participate or not. If you want 5000 friends that don’t give two shits about you, then stay on Facebook and be popular. To me, seeing the interactions on Facebook is Anti-social behavior normalized to look “Social”. This is disparaging to say the least.

We see friends posting pictures of their food, their eyebrows, their equipment, things they built or made looking for encouragement to gain popularity within their small ranks in hopes of gaining more friends and the endless cycle goes on and on. Like a heroin addict has to have more and more in order to function however Facebook is not a physical drug. It is a fictional drug that gets it’s power from the lack of social activity in our daily lives because we are either at work all day or doing something else that occupies our time (kids and other daily life stuff). Facebook is a way to be there without REALLY being there. It’s a way to live vicariously through others lives in order to feel good about oneself. This way of thinking has to stop.

When did we stop picking up the phone to call a friend just to see how they were doing and to share a little hot gossip? What can you do to stop the Juggernaut? One person can’t do it alone but if you want to add quality to your life, it would be best to consider the friends you do have, the real ones, and make it a point to call them on the phone or pick an Instant Messenger you all can agree on and just use that as your means of communication. Stop being Anti-Social about your social life, take charge of it and utilize the tools out there to improve your life and your social life. Sure, Facebook is a way to get information quickly and easily, but there are other methods of getting the news you need. RSS Feeds is just another way you can get this information and stay social at the same time. Why involve a network to force you to be Anti-Social.

My suggestions are to use the App, Telegram ( ) and download the app Feedly and join the feeds you are interested in. Tell your friends to use Telegram so that way you can stay in contact with them and tighten up your own social network. Take charge of your life and who you let into your circle and improve your quality of on line social life. There are ways to do that, but you have to do it yourself. You have to take the needle out of your arm and say to yourself that you are going to make a positive change in your life and get rid of Facebook and stop giving them money. If one person does it and helps 10 people get off it and so on and so forth, it will be a matter of time before Facebook goes the way of MySpace.

Rasbian loses eth0 after update to stretch testing

Rasbian loses eth0 after update to stretch testing

I had an issue come up after I enabled the testing option on my Rasbian install where eth0 wouldn’t come up

Enter this command to see what i’m talking about

ip link ls

if you see anything other than eth0 like mine came up with enx then enter this and reboot

cd /etc/udev/rules.d
 rm 80-net-setup-link.rules
 ln -s /dev/null 80-net-setup-link.rules

should take care of it

Sparky Linux GameOver Edition 4.3

Sparky Linux GameOver Edition 4.3

Just installed this distro of linux and so far so good. If you’re just into games and want a simple distro, this is it. It uses the Debian package manager and its own repository. Most of the apps are updated quite frequently because on first install, had about 790MB of updates. Steam and PlayOn Linux is pre-installed as well as a host of the usual Linux games. Emulators can be easily downloaded for a wide range of gaming consoles. I had an issue with the Sparky Installer, but killing the process “gksudo sparky installer” seemed to get it by without a hitch and was able to find my other two OS’s (Windows 7 and Kali). I didn’t install GPT/UEFI and went straight for MBR Install.

Default Desktop Environment is LXDE but you can install whatever DE you like. With LXDE, memory usage was about 400MB on boot up however CPU usage is a bit high for my taste ( 0.20 5sec ). But so far, I’m lliking this distro a lot. It’s very clean and minus the install bug, it seems this is going to be a very mature distro that caters to Linux Gamers or people that just want a little extra power out of their old machine as they are still making 32-bit distros PAE which will favor very old machines.

I’ll make another post about this later after I get used to this

Why I am no longer watching * The Walking Dead

Why I am no longer watching * The Walking Dead

First, I’d like to say that I understand that people need to make money for their efforts. However, with that said, The Walking Dead series has taken on an “Evangelical” approach to getting paid. I know, this sounds harsh but please hear me out. The Season 6 finale was a train-wreck and I’ll point out some reasons why. During this “90 minute” cluster fuck, we saw 64 minutes of actual tv show, which is 20 minutes over the usual runtime of 42 minutes. What they should have stated was “64 minutes” instead of “90 minutes” as advertised. This is the first lead up to why I think AMC is getting greedy with this show. Literally I was bombarded with about 30 minutes of commercials. Unacceptable.

2 weeks before the finale aired, we see an impassioned Andrew Lincoln doing a commercial for the Season Finale in which he said “When I read the script for the finale, I just cried too much.” I’m trying to figure out why Andrew was crying because for me, watching the finale, I was crying because the writers fucked me over hardcore in lieu for a “Who Shot J.R.” moment. Yes, I understand clliffhangers, they are meant to drag you back to the story in the next season but really. You could have ended the finale with Who actually died and the fans would have been satiated enough to watch Season 7. But the direction the writers decided to go with the finale has left me limp for Season 7. I still love the show, love the story but I’m going to sit this one out til you guys figure out all the sordid details about how to fuck over your fans and i’ll finish out the series when you guys are done fucking around.

Fear the Walking Dead is getting boring as well so i’m going to skip out of this one as well. There are other shows to watch and iZombie is looking like it’s going to fill this empty slot so they’ll get my ad dollars from now on.

Cheers Walking Dead! This train has hit the last station for me.

Thomas Jefferson on the Central Banks

Thomas Jefferson on the Central Banks

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The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.


Why you should turn your back on the Duggars

Why you should turn your back on the Duggars

The Duggars get a lot of press these days. Let me be perfectly clear on this issue from the start, There is nothing impressive about having 20 kids. Let’s move on shall we! Ok, let’s start this off with the one that started it off with me. Jessa Duggar wants you to know that you’re probably going to hell…. All of you.

I will speak to you a hard truth. I do not write this because I think that it will bring me popularity. It won’t. But it is the Truth from the word of god: the bible. To not tell people this is to hide the truth from them. To keep silent is to not care for their eternal destiny! I care about you, and this is why i am speaking out

Onward she writes towards the end…

Some people believe in a loving God, not one who would send people to hell, but that God doesn’t exist

Wow, in this Facebook rant she posted up, she pretty much stated that just about every christian is going to hell because of their “Loving God”. Which brings me to my next thought:

Why are we letting these people have air time? News reports? Front Page covers on People magazine? A broader voice in the public? I mean, I understand the draw.. 20 kids and counting, I mean, who could resist not tuning in to find out how they do it! Well, i’ll tell you how they do it, from the morons that watch the “trainwreck”. If these people stopped watching their show, stopped commenting on their crap, stopped forwarding any information about them, they would have to return back to normal. They would have to figure out how to feed 20 kids and send them to college. They would also find out about God a bit quicker.

Please, for the love that is everything good and wholesome in this universe. Please do not turn your channel when their show is on. It only keeps them up and running that much longer. I would rather not stand in the grocery store aisle and see them every week. Thank you!