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The Importance of Degoogling Your Phone And Why It’s Ethically Sound.

The Importance of Degoogling Your Phone And Why It’s Ethically Sound.

First of all, if you have an iPhone I can’t help you other than to tell you to get rid of it and get an Android phone with an Unlocked Bootloader or capable of Unlocked bootloader. iPhones and anything Apple are notoriously known for locking their operating systems down to where no one can do anything about it and while there are Jailbreak methods out there, it is getting increasingly difficult as the days progress. Personally, I have issues with anything closed-source and will try to refrain from using any software that won’t allow me to see the inner-workings. I wanted to get this part out of the way first and foremost so that Apple users finding this won’t waste their time. To put it simply, iPhone users are at the mercy of Apple. You are forced to trust them and well, for me, I 100% trust myself and not Apple. Do yourself a favor and get rid of it, it isn’t serving you well. If your argument is that iPhones have the best camera, well my argument to that is there are thousands of cameras that are way better and will not expose you to privacy issues.

Ok, so you are on Android and you are concerned about your privacy but you just aren’t sure you want to go as far as modifying your phone as you feel that you’re sure you have nothing to hide. “Why should it matter to me about my privacy, I have nothing to hide.” and this is a good question. There’s a lot of good people in the world that don’t have anything to hide but what it all comes down to is should you give up your privacy so easily? Something so benign as signing up for Gmail just to lock in that account on your phone and to have access to all those apps that make your life easier. The trade-off to this is, you are quite literally selling yourself to Google and whoever else wants to buy this information. This is how tech companies make money. Currently, there are over 2 billion Google-enabled phones in the world, probably more. Let’s just say that each phone generates a Penny a day, that’s 20 million dollars in one day USD. I would put money on that the “Penny a day” varies from user to user so i’m being conservative in my value here with the lowest absolute value just to get my point across. That’s $20 Million dollars a day that Google is making just for phones to be on. Ok, Google employees have to eat, companies have to thrive and that’s fine.. This is how Capitalism works. Ok, how Google makes even more money is it aggregates this data down to demographics (Age, Race, commonalities, religion, ethics,etc) and then it sells this data to whomever needs this data and feeds it to them in real-time. It doesn’t matter at this point if Google is tracking you and giving your identity to third-parties, this is obvious. No, this is privacy on the point of where you are a Currency-generating human with a tracking devices that is monitoring everything you do, everything you hear and everything you say and albeit probably reading your mind at this point. (Don’t laugh at me for being conspiratorial… You’ve thought something and it’s shown up in a search before so don’t call me crazy)

Privacy should be of great concern for everyone but in our society of “I Don’t Care”, this is how Apple and Google thrive. This is how they make money, by using you unknowingly. Just look at the marketing hype when a new phone comes out. “We’ve updated our camera!” “Our camera is the best camera says JD Powers and Associates” etc, etc. Listen very closely to the buzzwords in their commercials when a new phone comes out like the Samsung A21, which hardware spec wise is a very good phone, but the software tied to the hardware will have you generating even more money for your “Pimp”. Seriously, you..the consumer are being prostituted, and you don’t even care. As long as you get your fix, your apps, you’re able to pay with Google Pay and Apple Pay and it makes your life easier, you don’t care. And this “Don’t Care” attitude you have is exactly the type of “Prostitute” they want. You are allowing them to pimp you and at 2 billion plus prostitutes, they are raking in more cash that would solve third-world countries problems while allowing Big-Tech to dump money in lobbies that change the course of whole governments. But look at you, you don’t care. As long as you mindlessly agree to the EULAs and TOSs because “OMFG, this app is the best!” and “OMFG, look at this picture I took, isn’t it gorgeous?”. This is how Apple and Google traps you, by feeding you drugs and it doesn’t cost them anything because a lot of companies are in on it.

You should start caring about your privacy. If you ever need any help with it, contact me. If you don’t want to contact me, Subscribe to this YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BraxMe